The Grand Casino Luzern

The Grand Casino Luzern is an established company in the leisure and entertainment industry as well as in the catering and congress sector. The values of professionalism, seriousness, quality and sustainability anchored in the corporate philosophy are lived in the same way as social and corporate responsibility.


Our Annual Report provides you with up-to-date facts and figures. Further information can be found under "News for you".

Kursaal-Casino AG Luzern is the parent company of the Grand Casino Luzern Group and is subject to Swiss law. It holds a 100% stake in the share capital of each of its subsidiaries. It manages the business units by means of targets. The business units are largely embedded in independent management structures, and the governing bodies of the Grand Casino Luzern Group primarily perform strategic and coordination functions.

The following companies are currently part of the Group's operational structure:

Kursaal-Casino AG Lucerne

Purpose: Management and operation of, and participation in, companies in the fields of gastronomy, entertainment, tourism and culture.


Casino Online AG Lucerne

Purpose: Development, establishment, operation and marketing of Internet platforms in the field of gaming and entertainment, in particular Internet casinos and other online gaming of all kinds.


Grand Casino Lucerne AG

Purpose: Management and operation of a licensed casino together with associated additional services in the area of gastronomy and entertainment at the Grand Casino Lucerne as well as the provision of consulting and other services in the casino sector.


The ordinary capital amounts to CHF 6.4 million. There is no authorized or conditional capital.

Registered shares

The capital is divided into 64,000 registered shares with a nominal value of CHF 100. Kursaal-Casino AG Luzern has no voting shares. All registered shares have the same voting rights.

Profit sharing certificates

The company has issued 4,000 profit participation certificates. Each non-voting equity security gives the beneficiary the same property rights to dividends and a liquidation share as a registered share with a nominal value of CHF 100. There are no other related rights, in particular no subscription rights.

Transferability / Registration

The acquisition of registered shares of the Company by shareholders or groups of shareholders is limited to 5% of the share capital. For shareholders who, at the time of the introduction of this provision, are registered in the share register with more than 5% of all registered shares entered in the commercial register, the restriction applies only to future share acquisitions on a contractual basis. In relation to the Company, only those registered in the share register will be recognized as shareholders. For further details, please refer to the Company's Articles of Association, Article 4.


The Grand Casino Luzern Group has no cross-shareholdings with other companies in terms of capital or voting rights.

In accordance with corporate standards, Kursaal-Casino AG Luzern is committed to professional corporate governance, which determines the management structure, the organization as well as the processes within the Group. We regard good corporate governance as an important prerequisite for transparent corporate management and for sustainable corporate success.

BDO AG in Lucerne has been the auditor of the Grand Casino Lucerne Group since 2001. The mandates are issued by the General Meeting of Shareholders for one year at a time. The Boards of Directors of the individual companies meet several times a year. The Audit Committee of Kursaal-Casino AG Luzern is the only standing committee and meets several times a year.

Opening hours

Grand Jeu - Table games area

Monday - Thursday

15:00 - 03:00

Friday, Saturday and before holidays

15:00 - 05:00

Jackpot Casino - slot machines area

Sunday to Thursday

11:00 - 03:00

Friday, Saturday and before holidays

11:00 - 05:00