Roulette is probably the best known Casino game. The ball rolls, a "make your bets" from the croupier prompts the players to place their bets. Will you choose red or black? Even or odd? "No more bets please!" and the tension rises. As soon as the white ball has found its place, you can see whether luck is on your side.

American Roulette

The Roulette tables are available in the non-smoking and smoking area.

At the tables you can see the minimum and maximum bets.


Touch Bet Roulette

At the TBR terminals, you can conveniently bet via touch screen on a live game table and 3  automatical kettles simultaneously.

You can bet a minimum of CHF 1 and a maximum of CHF 100 (on tails).

Would you have known?

What is the name of the figure used to mark the winning number in American Roulette?

The figure is called "Dolly". The players are not allowed to place or remove bets on the winning number marked by the Dolly.

Playfully explained

Our professional staff will be happy to give you an explanation of the game.

Please contact us directly at the table. For larger groups of 5 people or more, we would be pleased if you would register on weekdays via our contact form.

We look forward to seeing you!

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