Ultimate Poker

Playing poker doesn't get any more easier than this!

Poker game against the bank

In Ultimate Poker you don't play against other players, but against the bank. The aim of the game is to have a better hand than the croupier.

The advantage is that you can join or leave the game at any time and it is available to you every day regardless of other players.

From seven cards, two of which are their own and five community cards, the players try to form the best possible card combination with five cards.

Experience exciting poker fun with the option to enter and exit at any time.

Would you have known?

Is poker a sport?

In 2010, poker was recognized as a sport by the International Olympic Committee. As a result, poker was represented at the World Mind Sports Games for the first time in 2012.
PS: Our Poker Circle was also launched in 2012.

Explained through play

Our specialist staff will be happy to explain the game to you.

Please contact us directly at the table. For larger groups of 5 or more people, we would be pleased if you register on weekdays using our contact form.

We look forward to seeing you!

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